Blogariddims 16 : Droid ‘Raggamortis’

Fell behind again. Yes so Droid returns with a massive digital dancehall mix…


Before I do though, a few words about how and why this episode was created. Originally planned as a kind of footnote to a couple of dancehall mixes currently in the works (but of course I finished the footnote first!), this mix was supposed to gather together all those weird one-off tunes and riddims that were too crucial to ignore, but wouldn’t really fit into more conventional sets. I wanted to showcase the astounding inventiveness and originality of the era, so I had a simple ground-rule that I decided to use for all of these mixes: original riddims only – no 60’s or 70’s recuts!

… The end result is a bit of a hybrid – half ‘one-off-riddim’ tunes garnered from LPs and compilations, and half ‘dem bow’ or ‘Pocoman’ riddims based on the Poco beat prevalant in early 90’s dancehall – see Wayne’s excellent guide to dancehall rhythm included in his write up for Blogariddims 11 for more info. Not precisely what I had intended, but hey – it hangs together reasonably well, and it does give a smidgen of exposure to a criminally overlooked branch of dancehall…

Droid – Blogariddims 16/Raggamortis : 1 (86mb.mp3)

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