Blogariddims 18 : Naphta ‘Rough’

1993 Darkside business on this one from We Are IE’s Naphta…

blurb at wearie / mp3 link

1993, as anyone who knows their history of hardcore music will tell you, was a prime year for breakbeat music in the UK. A mix of Shut Up N Dance-inspired breakbeat and sample-heavy rave was elbowing its influence onto the dancefloor and the resulting mash-up of hiphop beats, reggae subs and rave melodies created what, all things considered, has to really be marked out as drum and bass music’s finest hour to date…

1 Naughty Trax Volume 1 – The Dream [Rugged Vinyl]
2 Egyptian Empire – The Horn Track (Foghorn Mix) [Fffreedom]
3 Skanna – Heaven [Skanna]
4 Metalheads – Saint Angel [Synthetic Hardcore Phonography]
5 Hyper-On Experience – Disturbance (Tango Remix) [Moving Shadow]
6 DJ Hype – I Can’t Understand It [Suburban Base]
7 Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth – Rock To the Groove [Basement]
8 Hyper-On Experience – Disturbance [Moving Shadow]
9 Kev Bird & Wax Doctor – Airspace [Basement]
10 Delirium – Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Hour Glass Remix) [Reinforced]
11 Kev Bird – Sub Zero [Basement]
12 DJ Rap & Aston – Vertigo (Q Bass Dark Mix) [Suburban Base]
13 Kaotic Chemistry – Space Cakes [Moving Shadow]
14 Rufige Kru – Terminator II [Reinforced]
15 Kaotic Chemistry – L.S.D. [Moving Shadow]
16 Omni Trio – Feel Good Original In Demand Mix) [Moving Shadow]
17 Sonz Of A Loop De Loop Era – What The…(Session Two) [Suburban Base]
18 New Decade – Rough [Out Of Romford Records]

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