Blogariddims 20 : Shwantology 3


Oh they grow up so quickly! Shawantology turns three at This time, The Fear (Droid), Slug and DC meld together 80 minutes of deep dark spaces for the mind to get lost in. In his usual fashion, Droid provides extensive, meticulous and insightful liner notes for the release:

For a project that began as a fairly throwaway and personal endeavor (see Shwantology 1 notes), this series has grown organically in both concept and technique and has stimulated expansions into areas of music that we had barely touched upon in the past, despite our (so called) pedigree in the area of ambient electronic music. This is partly due to the deliberately improvisational and instinctive nature of these sets, which severely cuts down the practice time required and allows us to focus on selection and method over time consuming practicalities, and partly due to the encouragement and patronage we’ve received from our peers over the last year and a half (most generously from the National Gallery here in Dublin).



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