Blogariddims 21 : Fusion Dub

Look, a proper review this time. Paul specifically wondered what I’d think of this one. I’m fascinated, really. (Thanks to Rayna for nudging me on this)


“Lee Perry? I’ve heard the name but I’m not quite sure who that is”
– George Clinton

One of the basic observations of Afro-futurist theorists like John Corbitt and Mark Dery is that the 1960s/70s saw a common set of icons and themes (the alien, the post-human, the mothership/ark, techno-bricolage) emerging simultaneously in the electronic experiments of Sun Ra, Lee Perry and George Clinton. Black science fiction was suddenly flowing from disparate sources who were, apparently, oblivious of each other’s work. Dub and electronic jazz – kindred machines arrived at by different means with the same goal in mind (like Berliner’s gramophone and Edison’s phonograph). Of course, Miles Davis is wrapped up in all of this as well (engineer, as Kodwo Eshun would have it, of the ‘Afrodelic Space Program’ of ’68-’75) and it’s this missed articulation of the jazz/dub nexus that Paul exploits here.

This one was quite a surprise really, so unexpected and original that it’s actually caused me to rethink what my last contribution to the series will be (a bit nervously actually – the quality of these mixes has been remarkably consistent). In any case, this mix seems to have been brewing in the back of Paul’s mind for some time. I think the test case was last year’s Miles-driven wobbler “Billy Preston Dub” which was, far and away, one of the most inspired mp3s to appear in the Production room over at the Dubstep Forum. Of course it would help if I knew the material that Paul’s using here. (As an introduction, though, it seems tailor made – A Dubwise Guide to Electric Miles. And I can recognize his handiwork even when I’m not entirely sure precisely which part of the mix belongs to whom.) Really, I’m still digesting this. It’s properly mesmerizing though, and I want to try it out in different times and spaces over the next few days. So, thanks Paul!



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