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Me and Jas Nasty live tonight at 9PM on the Futurhythm show, CHUO FM Ottawa. Locals can tune in at 89.1 FM or Rogers Digital Ch. 943. Or listen online at We’ll be doing a preview of what you’ll hear at the Shackleton show next week (details to come).

UPDATE: Went well, though I caught a case of the mumbles with the mic in my face. My tracklist:

Cutty Ranks – ‘The Stopper’ Shackleton Remix (CD-R)
Shackleton – ‘I Want to Eat You’ (Mordant Music)
Henry & Louis Meets Blue & Red – ‘Answer’ Pinch Remix (2 Kings)
Appleblim – ‘Vansaan’ (Skull Disco)
Marc Ashken – ‘Roots Dyed Dark’ Skream Remix (Leftroom)
Nyabingi – ‘Belgium Chocolate’ (Forthcoming – Hotflush)
RSD – ‘Pretty Bright Light’ (Forthcoming – Punch Drunk)
Digital Mystikz – ‘Conference’ (Soul Jazz)
Shackleton – ‘Blood on My Hands’ (Skull Disco)
Mala – ‘Changes’ (Deep Medi)
Substance & Vainqueur – ‘Immersion’ (Scion Versions)
Mala – ‘Left Leg Out’ (DMZ)
Shackleton – ‘Tin Foil Sky’ (Skull Disco)
Shackleton – ‘You Bring Me Down’ (Skull Disco)
TRG – ‘Broken Heart’ (Hessle Audio)
Mala – ‘Bury the Bwoy’ (DMZ)
kode9 – ‘Magnetic City’ (Soul Jazz)
Peverelist – ‘The Grind’ (Punch Drunk)
Massive Music / kode9 – ‘Find My Way’ kode9 Remix (Hyperdub)

Then again this next Friday (25 May), me, Jasmine and Tsunami on the other local university station CKCU. We’re taking over for 2 hours starting at 10PM. 93.1 FM or

And then this is just insane. Greg from Beatdiaspora has organized a Blogariddims Orgy on WHRB Cambridge, Harvard Radio Broadcasting. (WHRB’s ‘Orgies’ are, apparently, a 40 year old, post-exam tradition – the first was 9 consecutive Beethoven symphonies) This co-production of the Record Hospital ( and The Darker Side ( A big thank you to everyone who’s made this happen. What a great way to cap off the first (almost) year of an outstanding series. This is my first orgy and I couldn’t have been in better company.

Here’s the schedule:

11 hours (wed 5/16, 10 pm to thur 5/17, 9 am)
+ 12 hours (thur 5/17, 8 pm to fri 5/18, 8 am)
= 23 hours of the entire blogariddims podcast in order of appearance

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