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liquid sound, de

Liquid Sound – Bad Sulza, DE

“Under a recent full moon, the seven pools that make up the main spa building, a futuristic dome of white wood and glass, were filled with floating couples and friends, young and old. Positioned over her controls on a mezzaninelike stage above the largest pool was D.J. That Girl, a k a Elena Montesinos, a 35-year-old Swiss artist. It was past 11 p.m. and laser lights were flashing on the walls, the moon was rising over distant hills and electro-acoustic music was pulsing quietly through the dome. (The sounds were louder underwater.) Anywhere else it might have been called a rave, but in Bad Sulza it’s called Liquid Sound…”

“… Mr. Remann started researching hydro-acoustics and pool design. In 1993 he, along with the operators of Toskana Therme, Marion Schneider and her husband, Klaus-Dieter Bohm, who had recently modernized an old spa clinic in Bad Sulza, held the first permanent Liquid Sound event in the clinic’s therapy pools…

“…As bones and muscles work like a huge eardrum when floating in water, Mr. Remann
said, underwater sound travels through the whole body.”

Yes please! But come on, trance and hackneyed whale sounds? This calls for aqua riddims, weight (for the weightless), sublow presha. Now if they booked DMZ or Shaka…

I’ve always thought dubstep was pretty aquatic to begin with – the tactility of the waves, the pressure on the chest and eardrums.

Infrasonic floatation devices:

#. Loefah “Midnight”
#. Plasticman “Rocker Remix”
#. Digital Mystikz “Mood Dub”
#. Benga “Amber”
#. Pinch “Qawaali”
#. Digital Mystikz “Give Jah Glory”
#. Blackdown “Lata”
#. High Plains Drifter and Goldspot “Sholay”
#. Kode9, Space Ape and Ms.Haptic “Curious”
#. Mystikz “Walkin with Jah”
#. Skream “Untitled” from the first Izm Ep
Also, can anyone tell me more about these “Deaf Raves” that are/were held at Plastic People?

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