Disconnected: In more ways than one. I’m moving this week and likely won’t have much access to the internet for several days. So no posts and patchier than usual email response.

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Monu: It’s not new but I recently discovered a copy of Monu at the local newsagent. Monu simply stands for Magazine on Urbanism. It’s published by the architecture department at the University of Kassel, Germany and seems to have satellite bases in Rotterdam, Berlin and New York City. Covering territory familiar to fans of the pop-urbanism/architecture blogs Subtopia and BLDGBLOG, the magazine also very generously offers up all of its printed contents as free PDF downloads. Issue 5 – ‘Brutal Urbanism’ – included the very good ‘Happy Slapping – Urban Violance in the Age of Camera Phones,’ which managed to bring the UK Garage scene into the discussion. ‘5000 Years of Brutal Urbanism’ was a bit thin on the ground, but it would have to be wouldn’t it? Other themed issues have included Beautiful Urbanism, Denied Urbanism, and Middle Class Urbanism. I’ll put a vote in for one on Monstrous Urbanism.

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Waiting for: Two tracks from the Hague’s 2562 to drop on Pinch’s Tectonic Recordings. You may have heard 2562’s seductive blending of 2-step riddims and Basic Channel-recalling in the recent kode9 Sonar mix. // Also, news that a Shackleton cover of the Savage Republic track ‘Next to Nothing’ will be released next month on the Crosstown Rebels label with proceeds going to UNICEF’s work for children around the world (remember that before you download it!). A fan of the band since he was a teenager, Shackleton’s Savage Republic mixes are a rarely heard treat. // And watch for Issue #1 of Woofah Mag – London’s new Dancehall / Grime / Dubstep, edited by John Eden with contributions from all of the usual, well-informed suspects

It seems probable that he took his name from his spacecraft: MARSX, and that Engels was really a computer. Raido AAA

Also recently noticed two amazing looking DVD animation anthologies which I’d like to pick up at some point: Kino Video’s Animated Soviet Propaganda, a 4-DVD, 6-hour collection of shorts produced between 1925 and 1984; and Antologia Polskiej Animacji (Anthology of Polish Animated Film), a gorgeous looking collection that covers a broad range of material produced between 1958 and 2005. Buy it here if you can navigate in Polish.

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