Blogariddims is Back!


An excellent start to the new series from Nick Gutterbreakz. Broken into two sections, the first is dedicated to plumbing the new dub techno from Deep Chord, Substance & Vainqueur, and their ilk. For part two, Nick draws on his clout amongst Bristol Sound luminaries Pinch, Peverelist, Jakes, Gatekeeper and Wedge for an all-exclusive dubstep CD-R showcase (broken midway by Skepta’s riotous ‘Stage Show Rhythm’). It’s Gutta and Blogariddims, back in effect and in top form. Makes for a nice segue into autumn.

Read about it and grab it at Gutterbreakz.

Note: I’m not going to do posts for each Blogariddims installment this time around simply because it was really cluttering up the blog before. But you can still find all of them on the RSS feed in the right column.

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