Fantastic new blogariddims mix compiled by Lower End Spasm and mixed by Alex Bk Bk. This mix got me smiling during a long walk in the rain yesterday (many thanks to the bus driver for that opportunity). It mines that early period of grime that led many of us to drop other musical pursuits and search out as many of these alien sound transmissions as we could find – on radio for lucky Londoners, and online for others like me scattered around the globe. Bok Bok says:

Some of these tracks are recognised classics, but most seem doomed to remain in obscurity. Tracks like the insane, taut Ruff Sqwad anthem R U Double F – one of the few vocal tracks we’ve included – which is a 64kbps straight-off-Limewire, never-released work of genius. It’s an mp3 dubplate, and the grooves have been battered into submission by repeated compression (we’ve included many low-bitrate tracks in this mix, because for us fucked-up sounding mp3s were a massive part of listening to music from this era).

Gutta kindly links this to my layering of radio and vinyl in Rude Interlude (my Blogariddims mix from exactly a year ago) which played on that same rush of discovery and lo-fidelity investigation (how long did it take me to find and sort out all the different versions of Eskimo?), but Alex points out the essential difference…

I hope what we’ve done is sufficiently different becuase of its intensity and head-down rate of 2-6 tracks a minute, as opposed to Paul’s… which I think had a different feel about it, more like a radio show in itself, whereas I’d like to think of our one as one massively long allstar riddim.

The intensity of this mix really is phenomenal – 67 tracks in less than an hour. It’s like a 59-minute version of Slimzee’s Dubplate, the mp3 of Wiley and Dizzee trading verses over a bootleg that cut together 15 of the era’s biggest riddims (Wiley, Narrows, Wookie, Youngstar, Agent X, etc. etc.), switching off every 8 bars (and with an AIM chime popping up on the recorder’s desktop, toward the end). That was the blueprint for me.

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PS: Check back tomorrow. I’ll be posting something about a Skull Disco giveaway.

3 Responses to “Allstars”

  1. alex Says:

    thankyou so much for the kind words and apreciation
    rude interlude has been a big inspiration to us consistently since its release ! you feeling this means a lot

  2. stef Says:

    There is a track on Slimzee’s Dubplate which I’ve been trying to figure out for ages. There’s the baseline for Oi! followed by what I think is Saved Soul followed by ??? This has been driving me crazy. Any ideas?

  3. paul Says:

    I think it goes like so…

    Wiley – Before This
    Narrows – Saved Soul
    More Fire – Oi
    Jammin – Go DJ
    Jamieson – Urban Hero
    Wookie – Storm
    Dom Perignon & Dynamite – Got Myself Together
    Agent X – Decoy
    Narrows – G.A.R.A.G.E. remix
    Youngstar – Pulse X

    I’m sure I know at least one of the ?s but I can’t place it.