Skull Disco Giveaway


Great to hear that Skull Disco’s Soundboy Punishments is getting a North American releases this month via Rough Trade USA who have been kind enough to send along two copies for me to give away. Same tracklisting as the UK version, with 19 tracks by Shackleton, Appleblim and Gatekeeper, including the famous Villalobos remix of Blood on My Hands. Comes in a very nice gatefold sleeve with original art by Zeke.  Spanning three years in the careers of two of the most endearingly iconoclastic producers associated with dubstep, Soundboy Punishments collects a stunning body of work.  (More on the music and the people involved here, here, here, here, and here) If you’ve just heard of it, or didn’t want to order from overseas, now’s your chance.

Rules: You must live somewhere in the Americas (South or North). One entry per person, no multiple email addresses please.

To enter, just send a note to soundboytreats -AT- deeptime [DOT] net. I’ll notify the winners by email on November 7.

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