Raggage, eh?

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A ‘wot do u call it’ moment from the early days of UK Garage. This DJ Magazine article from early 1997 was, apparently, the first and last word on ‘raggage.’ I was curious but skeptical. What kind of name was that? And why would I go for junglish house when I was having a hard enough time tracking down all the actual jungle I knew I was missing while holed up at my base camp in the forests of Northwestern Ontario? Of course I dismissed it and missed it all, only to discover it later, backwards, through grime and dubstep. Which is fine, because I think I like it now more than I ever would have when I was younger. I did hear and like the odd thing like ‘Rip Groove’ but had no idea how to track the stuff down. Interestingly, my occasional trips to Toronto’s Anglophilic record shops towards the end of the 90s yielded no clues that something new was taking over in London. Toronto grabbed hold of jungle early on and never let go.

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