Monu 8: Call for Submissions

Bernd Upmeyer from Monu (Magazine on Urbanism) has alerted me to their current call for papers.  Issue #8 will be titled Border Urbanism:

When cities are located close to borders, they often foster very specific economic features and urban anomalies, which can not be found in cities located in the very centre of a country. Wherever two jurisdictions come into contact, special economic opportunities arise. Cities in border regions may flourish because of the provision of excise or of import – export services – legal or quasi-legal, corrupt or corruption-free. Different regulations on either side of a border encourage services to position themselves in cities close to borders…

Cities located close to borders obviously display an urbanism which differs ultimately from the urbanism of cities that are located more centrally. In our MONU #8 winter issue we aim to explore, reveal and illuminate the condition of such Border Urbanism and invite essays, manifestoes, photography, speculations, sophisticated analysis or simple meditations. MONU #8 will be published in the winter of 2007. Submissions or questions should be sent to by the end of December 2007.

The full text + details can be found at the Monu website.

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