Autonomic Computing – Mutantextures

Mostly built from promos and CD-Rs that people have been kind enough to send over the last couple of months, along with some older bits that seemed to compliment them. The emphasis is squarely on mutant styles and experimental tangents. I cobbled it together fairly quickly so it doesn’t have quite the polish of previous ones. Also, the mixing style is much more relaxed and less layered than before with a bit more emphasis on effects work, lots of EQ-shifting, etc.

[18 tracks / 50 min / 70 Mb]

Shackleton ft. MC Tenfold Vengeance ‘The Branch is Weak’ (cd-r)
Shackleton ft. MC Tenfold Vengeance ‘Death is Not Final’ (cd-r / Skull Disco)
Grievous Angel ft. Rubi Dan ‘Move Down Low’ (cd-r/edit)
T++ ‘Tensile’ (Erosion)
The Bug ft. Flowdan ‘Skeng’ kode9 remix (Hyperdub)
Exemen ‘Far East’ (Manchu)
2562 ‘Circulate’ (Tectonic)
2562 ‘Kameleon’ (Tectonic)
T++ ‘Space Break’ (Erosion)
Appleblim and Peverelist ‘Over Here’ (Skull Disco t/p)
Pinch ‘Dr Carlson’ (cd-r / forthcoming Punch Drunk)
Untold ‘Purify’ (cd-r / forthcoming Hessle Audio)
Pangea ‘Nest’ (Hessle Audio)
Shackleton ‘Death is Not Final’ T++ remix (Skull Disco t/p)
Pinch ‘136 Trek’ (cd-r / forthcoming Punch Drunk)
Untold ‘Kingdom’ (cd-r / forthcoming Hessle Audio)
Ikonika ‘Please’ (Hyperdub)
Amen-Ra & Double Helix ‘Demon Slayer’ (cd-r)

In a similar vein, be sure to check out this excellent mix from the reborn Patchwerk Man. Also Nick’s introduction to T++ from a couple of months back.

9 Responses to “Autonomic Computing – Mutantextures”

  1. Jas Nasty Says:

    Nice 1 Paul, can’t wait to listen to it! I think it will be the soundtrack to my lunar eclipse viewing walk soon….xo

  2. Siah Alan Says:

    Feeeeling this!

    Frozen north represent!

  3. nick Says:

    Dude!!! I love your track selection!!! holy shizzle
    Are you coming up for mutek again??

  4. Gutter Says:

    i see what you mean about the similarities, paul!
    looks like we’re tuned to the same wavelength as per usual…
    or maybe we just get promos from the same sources, lol!!

  5. Jas Nasty Says:

    ok long awaited comments on the mix:
    “Death isn’t final, only a misunderstanding in time” (is this correct?)
    This quote really sets an interesting tone for the mix, which is definitely like some sort of journey/time travel…
    I must admit I did listen to it initally while smoking in the woods watching the lunar eclipse,
    (Blood on the Moon? was red tho! ) so it was evoking imagery of robots dancing around a fire.

    SOunds/movements that you would have thought incongruous, coming together to form ‘mutanttextures’

    ps i loved this, there was some interesting sounds i didn’t know/ hadnt heard/ want to get my hands on!
    times i wrote down were 15:53, 19:54, and 25:00 – i will have to figure out what tracks they were!

  6. carmell Says:

    I love when dubstep makes me smile :))))))))
    great mix as usual

  7. paul Says:

    thanks for the support everyone ; )

    @ jas
    15:53 2562 ‘Circulate’ (Tectonic)
    19:54 2562 ‘Kameleon’ (Tectonic)
    25:00 T++ ‘Space Break’ (Erosion)

  8. blackdown Says:

    Feeling this, especially the Skeng remix/Far East interpolation… Wookie’s finest moment imho.