I’ve been meaning to post this all week. Exciting news from Bristol as Gutta launches a new net label called Bleepfiend devoted to lost-found tapes of homemade electronic music. Paleo-techno. The contributors, he notes, will tend to be of a certain vintage – old enough to remember cable tangles, 4-tracks and tiny LCDs, but young enough to count things like hip hop and house as major instigators.

As the blurb says…

This is music made at subsistence level, harnessing whatever technology was available or affordable at the time, from analogue synths to cheap home keyboards, extinct micro-computers to domestic tape recorders. It is the sound of struggle – the creative urge pushing against limitations, forcing the artists to develop their own recording strategies.

The music on offer was recorded in a time before the Internet made it possible to upload, share and promote work to a wider audience. This is music that never had a chance to be heard by anyone outside the artist’s immediate circle of friends. But still it exists…it’s forgotten potential locked in the ferric particles of dusty cassette tapes…

Bleepfiend operates a strict ‘No Soft-Studios’ policy.

I love the prospect of these long-hidden, private electronic worlds being unearthed. Looks like Patchwerkman and Ed DMX releases are already lined up. Who knows what else is out there in the boxes and basements of the now-famous and still anonymous alike.

Oh and it’s all free on a Creative Commons license. Very nice.

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