Missionaries Moving

So many people doing cool things right now…

Gutta’s Bleepfiend label kicks off with 10 attic recordings, circa 1993-95, from No. 1 Astronaut, aka, Bob Bharma, “slightly better known today as one half of ‘space loop’ composers Data 70.”  Artwork by Woofah contributor Doppleganger and it’s completely free.  »»  Paul ‘Grievous Angel/777/Shards and Fragments’ Meme’s debut full-length CD has landed at Boomkat after many months of preparation.  I’ve had this on a CD-r for a while (‘Move Down Low’ was in that Mutantextures mix I did in the winter) and I’m digging Paul’s ‘Ragga Techno’ thing.  Looking forward to the reaction and to the non-album 12″ ‘Lady Dub’ which has to be one of my favourite dubstep tracks in the last year.  Too bad I lost my 320.  »»  My Fellow Americans – Dan ‘Lower End Spasm‘ Hancox and Tom Humberstone’s blog about touring through the US during the Democratic primaries – has turned into a book of Dan’s writing and Tom’s original art.   Independently published and available online at Vented Spleen.  »»  Finally, it looks like Woofah #3 is nearing completion and the contents are just redonkulous. Watch for my Dusk and Blackdown interview.

Also recently launched is Grimetapes.com.  For years, some of us have been pining for early grime adopters like Luka and Silverdollar to digitize their stacks of pirate tapes and put them online.  Dissensus’ slackk has finally set the ball rolling with a dedicated web space and contributions coming from all over.

And, look who’s back: patternloader, sodiumnighlife, and loveecstasycrime.

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