New Blog, Fresh Start

New blog, new server and and a name change. I’ve put autonomicforthepeople blog to rest for a few reasons. It became a bit of a one-trick pony and then just a dump for stories that I’d also posted at Some of the better posts have been archived here. I’m planning to focus most of my energy on this blog rather than Riddim, which will be going to into (at least) partially suspended animation sometime this year for various reasons. I’m looking forward to doing something more personal again. This blog won’t be specifically about music (though there will be a lot of music, just a bit more varied). There’s a lot that I’ve been wanting to write about – sound, cities, digital media, academia, projects I’m working on, etc. – but the old blog wasn’t the right place for it. I’m going to use this space as an outlet for interests and ways of writing that I can’t really explore in my academic work. And I’m also going to use it to test out ideas relate to my work. I may also follow the lead of people like Rambler and IT who sometimes use their blogs to sort through the process of doing a PhD and to connect with others in the same position.

I’ve ditched my autonomic(forthepeople) moniker as well. That name really was an accident, stemming from a much earlier interest in autonomist stuff and zine-writing. When I signed up for Dissensus I needed a screen name and wanted to get in on blog discussions, so I used the dormant blogger account that I’d set up to comment on other peoples’. I might still use it for digital mixes though, since I like the analogy between autonomic computing systems and computer based mixes with some parametre-driven uncertainties built into the automation.

Anyway, now it’s just paul when I’m (h)ere and nomos on Dissensus. And I’ve also ditched my server for the less trendy I actually had a thing for rhizomes way before I’d read any Deleuze and Guattari (I still like them but I didn’t realise the term was so trendy when I bought the domain). A music prof I had in the 90s once explained the non-linearity of Celtic music and arts in terms of amorphous, underground plant systems without hierarchy, or set entry and exit points. Obviously via D&G, but I didn’t realise that until a few years later. The new server name is a bit more subtle (there’s a reference there for Ballard fans) and more suited to the variety of things I want to do with it.

So, enjoy, and please leave comments if something here catches your attention.

3 Responses to “New Blog, Fresh Start”

  1. Rob Says:


    no time for anything but a quick scan, but im printing up whatcha got so far and im looking forward to digging in tonight after work…looks great, and im really looking forward to hearing what you have to say, especially since my own interests have wandered a bit beyond the musical, too

  2. paul Says:

    Thanks so much Robert! I’m glad you came by. You’ve been there since the very beginning of the first blog.

    Let me know what you think when you’ve had a chance to read through some of it 😉

  3. Spike Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I am an undergraduate student currently writing my undergraduate dissertation, provisionally entitled “The Evolution of a New Musical Genre: Dubstep”. The dissertation is an enquiry into the emergence of dubstep mainly from a sociological point of view, but also touching on aspects such as dubplate culture, its brushes with the mainstream (i.e. Burial) etc. I was wondering if you had some spare moments to share your knowledge in this area? If you do have some spare time then I’m happy to interview in whatever way suits you: e-mail, some form of instant messenging or whatever. If not, thanks for your time, love the blog and it’s been both useful for my dissertation and generally a great read since I first stumbled across it.