Sounds of the Future

Erkki Kurenniemi
Computer Music

Erkki Kurenniemi
Electronics in the World of Tomorrow

These days I’m more solder and flux than diamonds and wax, if you know what I mean. This one’s for Gutta because I think he’ll like it.  Last winter I was supposed to release some of my early electronics-and-tape experiments on his netlabel Bleepfiend. But, regretfully, I bailed after losing confidence in the material.  After keeping it to myself for almost 15 years it was difficult to imagine people listening to it.  Now it seems the label has been mothballed, which is too bad because it was a great idea with some really promising stuff lined up.  I hope he tries again in the future.

3 Responses to “Sounds of the Future”

  1. Tha Gee Says:

    oh yes i like this!
    the reason bleepfiend got mothballed was due to (a)lack of interesting/usable material coming through (b)the stuff that was actually worth putting out been withdrawn by its creator 😉

  2. 2ndFADE Says:

    Bleepfiend mothballed ?!?

    No-one told me… my pen sits poised waiting for you lot to rouse yourselves from cratedigging langour….

    PS. I like it too…. mind you, I liked the other stuff too….. 🙂

  3. paul Says:

    oh god. my return to blogging already marred by an international incident 😀