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Illuminated Man

Illuminated Man

For those who didn’t catch it, ‘Deeptime’ is a nod to JG Ballard’s first neuronic odyssey, The Drowned World. And the last ten minutes of my 2007 Blogariddims mix was also a partial tribute to the book, meant to work as a soundtrack to its closing lines.  Ballard died of prostate cancer in April and it’s really good to see some projects popping up in his memory.  His death nearly brought me back to blogging, and I actually sketched out a couple of different posts, but it felt unnecessary as more eloquent tributes from those who knew him began to accumulate at Ballardian.  Still, I was struck by two things.  First, how strange it seemed to enter an era ‘after Ballard’ knowing that a ‘Ballardian’ condition only seems set to become more the norm in coming years.  That’s what oracles are all about though isn’t it?   Second, was just a fascination with his time in Canada: training and discovering science fiction, in the early-1950s, at the same RCAF base where my grandfather (who died in a similar fashion) had been a flight instructor during the war, and then, writing his first stories on a 3000 mile winter train ride through every place I’ve lived between Alberta and Quebec (by which time my grandfather was working those rail lines as an engineer tasked with tidying up after crashes and derailments).

In any case, now that the brief wave of mainstream media memorializing/recuperation has passed, we’re starting to see artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers collaborating on works in his honour.  Ike Yard’s Stuart Argabright has been at the centre of it all, and he’s given this loose itinerary of upcoming projects and events…

Coming up:

* Sept. 5 on WFMU , NJ / NY radio .Michael Goodstien’s Choking On Cufflinks show
9- 12 PM :

Atrocity Exhibition Chap. 1 excerpts, read by David Silver,
sdtk produced by Stuart A, music by outpost.

* Time, Memory and Inner Space. Ready by Judy Nylon ,” , ”

* Drowned World. Soundscape by Mark Fisher / K- Punk . Remixed ? tba

* Live in Studio .outpost versions of Ice Planet, Billenium and Serial Angels

+ interviews and other music broadcast.

* 10/24 @ Monkeytown Bk. Extended Ballard remix.
Atrocity Ex. Chap. 1, Time, Drowned World + pieces live,
specially made video & music mix with The Normal, John Foxx and others

* Resonance FM broadcast tbc

* Other venues, artists coming online.
Ballardian Book ( 1 of 3 in works ) with CD coming …

We are just beginning composing Atrocity, on the back of a great reading by Silver.
great to get into these texts and have to make sounds to go with …
Ongoing >

And this:

Yes, it’s a bit of an ad hoc team; voice talent from our network,
feedback with Simon Sellers @ Ballardian -and an evergrowing array of contributors as we take it global.
More London -with an eye towards doing more ‘live’ ,
and Berlin Ballard fans give a ring !
Open for dystopian business.

If you missed it, the WFMU broadcast it’s archived here.  (Streaming only but if look around in the playlist file you can find a link to download it.)

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