Dancecult Journal

Dancecult Journal

“After the initial call for contributions some ten months ago, I am now delighted to announce the launch of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. The first edition of Dancecult, a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal for the study of electronic dance music culture (EDMC), is now live, with downloadable PDFs accessible at Alongside Managing Editor Eliot Bates and Reviews Editor Karenza Moore – who have thrown themselves headlong into the journal – I am happy to see the EDMC research mothership slide down the sluiceway to begin her maiden voyage.”

– Graham St John, Executive Editor for Dancecult

I joined the dancecult listserv a couple of years ago and, while there have been some sparks, the discussion never kicked off with the intensity I’d hoped for (not that I helped much).  It also became clear, watching those discussions on one hand, and the whole (let’s say) DissensusFACTWIRE-etc. axis on the other, that a lot of people with similar interests weren’t really on each other’s radar.  But, judging from its impressive advisory panel and the diverse list of contributors to the first issue, the new Dancecult Journal looks like it could be a major step towards something more rigorous and productive.  Take for example, the whole hardcore continuum debate [three links from the multitude], which has gone on ad nauseum in Dissensian circles without seeming to accomplish much more than a retrenchment of positions.  If, as some defenders of the concept have argued, opponents of the HHC haven’t offered up adequate theoretical alternatives, then DJ issue 1 makes a step toward soliciting new critical responses by including a pair of HHC articles from Discographies co-author Jeremy Gilbert and Mark (k-punk) Fisher.

All in all, it’s a good start: a theory-focused venue for discussions that are too often reduced – in the blogosphere, etc. – to arguments over the merits of theorizing culture at all.  And, as a peer-reviewed e-journal, it can be both rigorous and nimble, keeping better pace with accelerated music culture than slow-moving print journals usually manage. So, congratulations to the editors.  Hopefully I’ll add something to it myself in the near future.

The full contents of Volume 1, Issue 1 are available here in HTML and PDF formats.

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