On the war path…

I got hacked a couple of weeks ago, which has set me back a bit.  That Mr.Bump/Funky post and others are coming but I had to do a lot of damage control after an iframe injection attack that left all of my sites quarantined by Google/Firefox.  The good news is that the blog and Dark Disco were easy to rescue, but I ended up destroying Riddim.ca in order to save it.  Long story, but it’s currently being rebuilt (something I wanted to do anyway) and should back online by the New Year at the latest, possibly with a substantial ‘director’s cut’ of my Dusk & Blackdown interview for Woofah #3, plus some vintage mixes and scans.

In the meantime…

sonicwarfare_cover Capitalist-Realism_cover_300

Two debut books coming in the next month from k-aliased CCRU alumni.  In Capitalist Realism (Zero Books), Mark Fisher questions why we can more readily imagine the end of the world than an alternative to capitalism, while Steve Goodman begins from a very broad definition of Sonic Warfare (MIT Press) to examine constellations of sound, affect and power.  For the curious, MIT has generously posted two sample chapters (titles like ‘1993: Vorticist Rhythmachines’ bode well) along with back and front matter.  Both books can be pre-ordered now.

2 Responses to “On the war path…”

  1. Tranquera Says:

    Great books Paul! Cheers!

  2. blackdown Says:

    sorry to hear about the hack fella! i really love the hyperdub/riddim.ca archives, hope they return!

    looking forward to that director’s cut, wondered if you’d ever use it…