Blogariddims 1 : Shwantology 2


A couple of months back, Droid got in touch about contributing to a new series of podcasts (collectively called Blogariddims)alongside some of my favourite people from the internet. Each contributor will produce a one-hour mix using the media and sounds of their choosing, and write up an accompanying blog post.

On their fouding Blogariddims installment, Droid and Slug say…

Encouraged by the success of the first Shwantology set, we’ve decided to delve deeper into the world of ambient music for our contribution to the Blogariddims series, and the result is this follow up to February’s mix. Progression is the name of the game for us, so our aim with this set was to widen our field of vision and hone our techniques to try and build on the original concept. Unlike the first time round, we had a working method, and an idea of what to aim for, so in the intervening months suitable tunes had been noted, sequences considered, and CDrs compiled – though as spontaneity seems to be an essential part of the process, we didn’t go too far in planning things in advance…

Check out their Shwantology 2 mix here.

And watch for fortcoming mixes by myself and these fine people…

Bassnation (slight return)
Different Waters
Grevious Angel
Idle Thoughts
The Riddim Method

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