Shackleton meets Mr. Bump inna Red Light District


You might remember Mr. Bump from early on in the Blogariddims series – bottom-heavy, a bit rowdy.  He dredged up those old swung beats with the rude basslines and sugary vocals – dance tunes – back when everyone was half steppin. Next came a very brief but thrilling career as a pioneer of the UK Funky thing in North America. Road trips, thronging dancefloors, specials from the likes of Sticky and Lil Silva. But Bump is fickle, and just as things were picking up, he went into deep hibernation.  Rumours followed: solder addiction, more important things to do…

But just when it looked like he’d disappeared for good, up pops Bump on a bill with his old Skull-and-Bones buddy in Montreal, care of Komodo Dubs.  Feb. 20, 2010 at Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Montreal.

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