Blogariddims 12 : John Eden’s Office Party Mix

Dec. 18, 4:45 – Blogamuffins let their hair down, xMas-style. (below)
Dec. 18, 5:23 – The secretary slips out quietly to meet her real friends.
Dec. 19, AM – The night’s events are recounted at length on two simultaneous Dissensus threads.


“A festive session featuring divas, teenagers, ice queens and those in between”

1. “Everything I have is gone”
2. “Trying not to pose”
3. “Perhaps if I held you”
4. “The pleasures of night”
5. “It didn’t matter that he was tame”
6. “It penetrates your brain”
7. “A place to stay”
8. “I never get enough”
9. “Conversation is interrogation”
10. “You’re like a big expensive drug trip”
11. “She looked down on me”
12. “He’s not evil”
13. “Now you’re going to get a beating”
14. “Sleazy brown dirty macs”
15. “Leave your job and have some kids”
16. “Yes we do”
17. “Scorched and dieing”
18. “Never had a friend or wanted one”
19. “A criminal on the take”

* * *

If you live in Ottawa, which you probably don’t, come see my DJ re-debut tonight at MTL at 49 William in the Market. I’ll be spinning a Dubstep/Grime set alongside Hamilton-Ottawa Garage monster Tsunami.

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