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Riddim.ca Acquires Hyperdub.com 2step Archive

OTTAWA, ON, January 3, 2007 – Riddim.ca (TSX: RDM) announces a strategic content-sharing alliance with South London-based Hyperdub.com (FTSE: HDB). The 1.2 Mb acquisition makes Riddim.ca the official unhome of the original Hyperdub.com 2step Garage archive which had been unavailable to consumers since the 2005 restructuring of Hyperdub’s online presence.

The original 2step archive resided at Hyperdub.com for five years beginning in 2000. Concept engineers Steve Goodman, Martin Clark, Kodwo Eshun and Dr. Mark De’Rosario, among others, were responsible for a total of 29 articles and interviews through which the various millennial strains of mutant Garage were observed and theorised. Included in this comprehensive collection are seminal encounters with Horsepower, Menta, Pay As You Go, Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Ms. Dynamite, Plasticman, Wookie and Groove Chronicles. The content acquisition agreement announced today will ensure that the original Hyperdub.com conceptmachine will once again have a stable online presence.

The archive can be accessed at:

About Riddim.ca

Riddim.ca is proud to make such a significant addition to its growing database of writings on Dubstep, Grime and other diasporising strains of mutant UK Garage. Riddim.ca was founded in February 2005 to promote North American experimentation with the principles and materials of hyper-dub virology. After two successful years online, Riddim.ca is currently in the process of repositioning itself in the rapidly changing world of the net-based post-Garage knowledge economy. The coming months will see a shift away from community hosting while most concept engineering projects will be shifted to sibling site Deeptime. In this new environment, a semi-crytostatic Riddim.ca plans to become a leader in data preservation and late-Garage archiving technologies.

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  1. kek Says:

    Wow. Sterling stuff…

  2. synaptic Says:

    That’s simply amazing! Large up Paul.